• We all know we're going through strange and difficult times at the moment, but we British always try to get by with a little humour. These mugs feature a clean version of the t shirt graphic which is a play on one of the all-time classic films and couldn't be more appropriate with the whole country being told to stay at home. It will also be great keepsake to remind you and your family of these strange times once they are all over. So, if you're self-isolating at home, it won't seem quite so bad with your favourite cuppa in this mug. It will also be great keepsake to remind you Stay safe and healthy.  
  • The Rover 75 was introduced in 1998 when the Rover Group were under BMW's stewardship and was a very well received, well-appointed executive car with a retro feel harking back to Rovers of old such as the P5. Arguably it was a much more successful execution of the retro look than the then-current Jaguar S Type and the interior in particular won many plaudits. Under the skin it was anything but retro, with front wheel drive and 4 cylinder, V6 and diesel options, a super-rigid shell and a ride that many modern cars would struggle to achieve! The 75 currently represents something of a bargain modern classic and is still very usable as an everyday car, but as more and more are taken off the roads, they can only increase in value as the last real Rover design. The Rover 75 had many fans in its day and still has a surprisingly large following.
    The car featured on this mug is a Mk1 model and the number plate can be personalised with a registration or name if you wish. Personalisation
  • The classic Mini was introduced in 1959 and soon became a truly iconic piece of British popular culture that is still recognised the world over. Alec Issigonis’ masterpiece had a price tag of just £497 and from the outset the Mini offered good economy, lots of space for its size and incredible handling. The latter was not truly exploited until the arrival of the famous Mini Cooper in 1961 and Cooper S in 1963. Equipped with a tuned version of the A series engine and front disc brakes, the Coopers enjoyed Monte Carlo Rally success and were immortalised on screen in ‘The Italian Job’ in 1969.
    The Mini was so well-loved that it found around 6 million buyers and remained in production for over 40 years – in time to see in the new millenium. In fact, it actually outlived the Austin Metro that was supposed to replace it back in 1980! The car featured on this t-shirt is the final version with those striking Cooper bonnet stripes, wide arches and 4 spot lights, in many ways the archetypal Mini Cooper. Personalisation The number plate area can be personalised with a registration, name or message for that extra personal touch.
  • School leaver in lockdown t-shirt - black
    These t-shirts are a fantastic gift for 2020's school leavers of all age groups to commemorate and remember the unique experience of being on lockdown during their final school term. You can choose your prefix: 'School Leaver', 'Year 6 Leaver,' 'Year 11 Leaver' or 'Year 13 Leaver'. The design is based on the famous 90s TV sitcom that is currently enjoying a whole new audience thanks to Netflix.
  • Any age birthday lockdown t-shirt - black Any age birthday lockdown t-shirt - white
    These t-shirts are a fantastic gift for children or adults of any age to celebrate and remember their unique Birthday experience during lockdown. The design is based on the famous 90s TV sitcom that is currently enjoying a whole new audience thanks to Netflix. Note that these t-shirts are printed in the full colour and use the authentic typeface, unlike many other versions available. Each shirt is printed to order so they are non-returnable - please choose your size carefully.    
  • Chrysler Europe came into being in 1967, encompassing the Rootes Group brands in the UK including Hillman, Humber, Singer, Sunbeam and Commer. Apart from the 180/2 Litre, UK cars were not badged as Chryslers until 1976 when the distinctive 'Pentastar' logo found its way onto the existing Avenger, and Hunter, as well as the new Sunbeam, Horizon and Alpine. Chrysler Europe was taken over by PSA Peugeot Citroën in 1978 when all models were rebadged as Talbots in the UK. Despite the brand's short life in the UK, the cars proved quite popular and well regarded (with the Alpine winning European Car of The Year in 1976). Unfortunately, like many other cars from the 70s, they were not known for their rust resistance and whilst they were once a common piece of 'street furniture' very few survive today. Thankfully their memory lives on with this retro t-shirt. The t-shirt features a distressed style logo for that retro look and is available in a number of colours.
  • "Shaw, Williams, prepared to venture down the left. There's a good ball in for Tony Morley. Oh, it must be and it is! It's Peter Withe."
    Aston Villa's circular badge was introduced for the 1973 season and remains a favourite with fans, with many calling for its return to the current kit. It's most famous appearance was in 1982 when Villa won the European Cup beating Bayern Munich 1-0 at the final in Rotterdam. It was firmly centre-stage and centre-of-kit that evening when, along with the players, it was immortalised forever. It was replaced in 1992 with the introduction of the current pennant shape. The t-shirt features a distressed style badge for that retro look and is available in two colours - claret and blue, naturally.
  • As a proud Brummie I have fond memories of the WMPTE buses from travelling to school on the famous No. 11 Outer Circle route in late seventies and early eighties. The Outer Circle was the last route to still operate the front-engined buses with the open platform and conductor and I think my journey from the Fox & Goose to King's Heath was 12p back in 1978! These buses were then replaced by Daimler / Leyland Fleetlines in various guises, which were then replaced in turn by the MCW Metrobuses, built locally in Washwood Heath (all were usually powered by the legendary Gardner 6LX diesel engine). The single deck Leyland National was another very popular bus at the time, with their very distinctive noise, smell (and fumes) from the 'headless' Leyland 500 series engine. The West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive (WMPTE) was the public body responsible for public transport in the West Midlands metropolitan county from 1969 until 2016. The WMPTE logo featured here was current from 1969 until 1990 and the cream and blue livery of the buses was once a very familiar sight around Birmingham and the West Midlands.
    Join me on my nostalgia trip with one of these t shirts which features a distressed style logo for that retro look and is available in two colours that reflect the old bus livery - yellow haze with blue logo, or royal blue with cream logo.
  • We all know we're going through strange and difficult times at the moment, but we British always try to get by with a little humour. These t-shirts, which feature a distressed look graphic which is a play on one of our all-time favourite films, couldn't be more appropriate with the whole country being told to stay at home. So, if you're self-isolating at home, try to keep smiling. Stay safe and healthy.  
  • Commer Van T Shirt

    The Commer FC van was produced from 1960 to 1976 when it was developed into the very similar Commer SpaceVan which soldiered on right up until 1983 under the Dodge name. It was a very distinctive van with its rounded profile and inset partially-enclosed front wheels, the latter due to its Humber car-derived front suspension. Its forward-control set up meant that the engine was placed between the front seats; great to work on in the rain, but less so if it had to be taken out, which necessitated removal of the front windscreen to enable it to be craned out of the passenger door! These were a familiar sight on UK roads for many years in their Post Office and British Telecom livery and there were a number of camper van conversions such as the Commer Highwayman - a more interesting and distinctly British alternative to the ubiquitous VW camper. Engines capacity started out at 1500 but were later upped to 1600, then 1725cc but even then, with a 70mph top speed and 0-50 time of 25 seconds, it could hardly be considered as spritely.
    The t-shirt itself is based on a contemporary press ad from December 1963 and focuses on the Commer's large load capacity. The print has a slightly distressed, retro feel to it and the t-shirt is available in sand or white, with the latter available  up to 5XL.
  • The 1957 Chevrolet is certainly one of the most iconic American cars of all time, with its distinctive styling epitomising the 50s 'fins and chrome' era. In fact the Tri-Chevys (1955-1957) would also probably be considered the most popular classic car in the USA with a whole industry built around restoring and upgrading them. Part of their appeal is the legendary small-block V8 which was introduced with the 1955 model in 265 cubic inch (4,340cc) format; for 1957 this was upped to 283 ci (4,640cc) with the famous 'fuelie' 57 featuring fuel injection that gave the milestone one horsepower per cubic inch. The small-block Chevy engine has been a huge part of American culture ever since but was finally discontinued in 2003 after a remarkable 48 year life-span, with over 100 million being built! The model was available in a plethora of trim levels and body styles, from the humble One-Fifty 2 door sedan right up to the Bel Air convertible and even though they were never a huge seller in the UK, their iconic styling has featured so often in movies, music videos, toys and games that it is familiar to pretty much anyone.
    This t-shirt is based on a US press ad from 1957 highlights the distinctive tail fin with typical period advertising copy and illustration featuring miniature people to make the car appear even bigger! It is available in sand or white, with the latter available up to 5XL.
  • Birmingham City's monogram badge with the intertwined letters was first introduced in 1971 at the same time as the 'penguin' home shirt (as worn by Trevor Francis, Kenny Burns, Howard Kendall, Dave Latchford and their peers) which has since become something of a seventies icon. This shirt was unchanged until the 1975/76 season when the shirt was changed slightly to have a collar and v-neck, but still featuring the monogram badge. For the following season the badge was replaced by the familiar 'globe' design that is still used to the present day - this design was actually the result of a competition to design a new crest in local paper, The Sports Argus, in 1972, although it didn't appear on the shirts until 1976. The monogram badge did make a brief reappearance in the 2016/17 season to commemorate the club's 140th anniversary. This t-shirt features a distressed style monogram badge for that seventies retro look and is only available in royal blue with white collar and sleeve cuffs, naturally. NB: These Fruit of the Loom t-shirts are smaller than the Gildan ones elsewhere on the site. If in doubt, order a size up.