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About Us.

Here at Iconic Ironic we love retro.

But, as our name suggests, we’re not about high end classic design, we’re more about the every day things that were once a ubiquitous part of our language and culture, but are now becoming rare. To better explain, let’s give an example…

The Princess – Iconic or Ironic?

Take the Austin Princess; my father had one and truth be told, it wasn’t a great experience. He found it quite slow and unreliable and ended up changing it for an older car with a bit more zip. My memories of it, however, are of the TV ad for the ’18/22 series’ (as it was initially called) and poring over the Wolseley catalogue I’d managed to scrounge from the dealers as a 9 year old. That wedge shape – It was just so cool!

Fast forward to the present day; would you describe the Princess as iconic, or ironic? Truth is, it doesn’t matter – to my mind nothing better sums up the seventies than an Austin Princess in Harvest Gold (beige) or any other of those British Leyland colours that were so typical of the time.

What we are about

So the Princess illustrates very well what we are all about; cars, popular culture, childhood memories and yes, rose-tinted spectacles; designs from the Fifties to the Noughties that may or may not be classics but, more importantly, make you smile whenever you see them. Think Princess not Porsche, Allegro not Aston, Marina not Maserati and this gives you an idea of what we are hoping to offer over the coming months. If you’re looking for Ferrari t-shirts, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place!

More designs, more products, more genres – lots to do

At the moment there are only limited designs on the site but the aim is to keep adding to them and incorporate more tv and popular culture items rather than just cars. We also hope to offer a wider variety of products rather than just t-shirts; hoodies, phone covers, mugs etc.

That Personal Touch

Many of our items will also offer extra personalisation option, the number plate on a car design for example. We have invested in a state-of-the-art equipment that means we print every order individually, so we can make small changes or additions too. This ensures that our designs can be even more tailored to your requirements, whether for yourself or for a loved one.

Who We Are

Iconic Ironic is mainly run my myself. I am a design and marketing professional and graphic designer with many years’ experience. Hyperbole Ltd is my main business and Iconic Ironic has been set up with the aim of combining what I love with what I do.

I have a lifelong love of classic cars and as a result I became immersed in music, tv and popular culture too. That’s why you can be sure that nobody cares more about your order because I care about the subject matter just as much as you do!

Iconic Ironic; celebrating the everyday that’s now gone away.