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Caring for your Garment

About our printing process.

Every one of these garments is printed as a single order* which is why we are able to offer niche designs, personalisation and a large range of colours.

To achieve this, we have invested in the latest printer, heat press and transfer media equipment. This equipment provides excellent print quality and detail, but as the print is a transfer process, it does mean that the garments need more care when it comes to washing to keep them looking good.

More traditional methods, such as screen print, do offer more longevity, but require a minimum order of 50 and have to be printed in one run, so are not practical or cost effective for the kind of niche products that we sell.

Please take the time to read and carry out the care instructions below to keep your garment looking good for longer.

Washing and Ironing Instructions.

  • Always turn garment inside out before washing.
  • Wash at 40ºC.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Iron the garment inside out or take great care to avoid ironing the print area.

*The Mini Cooper and MGZT Mk1 and Mk2 t-shirts on this site are actually screen printed as they were printed as a batches of 50 of each item.