Wolseley 18-22 Series T Shirt

Wolseley 18-22 Series T Shirt


The 18-22 Series was the name given to the wedge-shaped Austin, Morris and Wolseley models launched in March 1975. Just 6 months later the badge-engineering was dropped and with minor tweaks all models became the more familiar ‘Princess’.

Top of the range was the Wolseley version shown here (priced at £2,838) which boasted a full length vinyl roof, velour seats with front centre armrests, push button MW/LW radio and a 2.2 litre six cylinder engine as standard, plus the famous illuminated grille badge. Just over 3,000 Wolseleys were built in those 6 months, making them incredibly rare today, and certainly the most desirable of all of the ‘Princess’ variants. It was also the last car to be badged as a Wolseley, a marque that had always been synonymous with luxury.

The t-shirt itself is based on one of the original press ads and showcases that distinctive grille and oh-so-seventies shape and colour. The wording is as the original ad, in the authentic Goudy Old Style typeface with the super-tight kerning between each letter and features a distressed look.

The high contrast style of the image means that it is only available in black, but the good news is that sizes go all the way up to 5XL!

Read the story of the 18-22 / Princess here on the excellent aronline website.

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Wolseley 18-22 T Shirt Details

The Wolseley design is printed onto Gildan Heavy Cotton t-shirts, which are a good quality 185 gsm, regular fit garment.


Size guide as follows: Small 34/36” chest; Medium 38/40”; Large 42/44”; XL 46/48”; 2XL 50/52” 3XL 54/56”; 4XL 58/60”; 5XL 62/64”. We have provided a size guide to help you – if possible compare the sizes to a well fitting t-shirt that you own already.  Please choose your size carefully.

Please take a moment to read about how this item is printed and washing and care instructions.

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 350 × 248 × 24 mm

2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


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