• Gildan Men's T Shirt Size Guide Wolseley 18-22 Series (Leyland Princess) retro ad t shirt in black
    The 18-22 Series was the name given to the wedge-shaped Austin, Morris and Wolseley models launched in March 1975. Just 6 months later the badge-engineering was dropped and with minor tweaks all models became the more familiar 'Princess'. Top of the range was the Wolseley version shown here (priced at £2,838) which boasted a full length vinyl roof, velour seats with front centre armrests, push button MW/LW radio and a 2.2 litre six cylinder engine as standard, plus the famous illuminated grille badge. Just over 3,000 Wolseleys were built in those 6 months, making them incredibly rare today, and certainly the most desirable of all of the 'Princess' variants. It was also the last car to be badged as a Wolseley, a marque that had always been synonymous with luxury. The t-shirt itself is based on one of the original press ads and showcases that distinctive grille and oh-so-seventies shape and colour. The wording is as the original ad, in the authentic Goudy Old Style typeface with the super-tight kerning between each letter and features a distressed look. The high contrast style of the image means that it is only available in black, but the good news is that sizes go all the way up to 5XL!
    Read the story of the 18-22 / Princess here on the excellent aronline website.
  • Rover head gasket car cliché t-shirt in maroon man in Car wearing MG head gasket car cliché t-shirt
    Rover Head Gasket T Shirt As a lover of old cars, I'm in quite a few related FaceBook groups and, much as I enjoy these, there's plenty of tired old clichés to be found in the comments section, repeated over and over. One of the most common has to be the old 'head gasket' jokes on anything featured that is even remotely Rover/MG. This is despite the fact that it only affects some 4 cylinder 'K' Series engines (not diesels, V6s etc), and is relatively cheap to fix. Blown head gaskets are also a common issue for quite a few other brands too, but somehow they never seem to be targeted. A more informed write-up on the revolutionary K series engine can be found here. As a Rover/MG owner myself, rather than let it frustrate me, I thought I would channel my energy into something more productive, so I came up with these t-shirts. They come in a choice of 6 colours with some available all the way upto 5XL and are a great way to deflect the jokes before they even start. They may well become part of an occasional 'car cliché' series, along with other favourites such as; any Jaguar - 'it's just a Mondeo', any Italian exotic - 'It's an MR2 kit', Reliant Scimitar - 'Princess Anne had one' etc, etc...  
  • Alright Bab?

    We're celebrating our proud heritage with our new 'Made in Birmingham' range featuring familiar phrases from the second city. In fact these mouse mats truly are brummie through and through; they are designed and printed here and all utilise the Baskerville typeface that was created in Birmingham back in the 1750s by John Baskerville (1706-1775). Let everyone know that you're a proud brummie with these stylish mouse mats, after years of being mocked, the time has come to celebrate our unique accent and dialect!
  • Taito T-Shirt Indigo man in indigo taito t-shirt
    Taito changed its name from Taito Trading Company to Taito Corporation in August 1972 and introduced its first video arcade game in 1973. It established its American subsidiary in 1973 in downtown Chicago, Taito America. In 1978 Toshihiro Nishikado, a designer at Taito, created Space Invaders which became the company's most popular title and one of the most memorable games in arcade history, responsible for beginning the golden age of arcade video games.[8][9] The t-shirt features a distressed style logo for that retro look and is available in a number of colours.
  • Oil & Filters Wording Black T Shirt Man wearing Oil, Filters & Plugs T Shirt
    If you're a classic car owner or just feeling nostalgic about old school motoring, why not let everyone know with this stylish 'Oil & Filters' Wording Graphic T Shirt? Remember the traditional engine service long before fuel injection, electronic ignition, ECUs and OBDs took all of the fun out of it? When a Saturday home tune up consisted of an oil change, new oil & air filters, plugs and points (bought from you local motor factor in an actual shop), then a quick session with the strobe light to set up the timing. This t-shirt is based on a stylish text-based graphic using bold typography in our house style and the Iconic Ironic logo to tell everyone where you bought it. The graphic also has 'plastisol' distress effect to complement the retro feel. If you prefer, you can create your own wording on your t-shirt instead! Selected colours available up to 5XL.
  • 57 Chevy 'Always in Good Taste' retro ad t shirt in sand Young lady leaning on Cadillac wearing 1957 Chevy t shirt
    The 1957 Chevrolet is certainly one of the most iconic American cars of all time, with its distinctive styling epitomising the 50s 'fins and chrome' era. In fact the Tri-Chevys (1955-1957) would also probably be considered the most popular classic car in the USA with a whole industry built around restoring and upgrading them. Part of their appeal is the legendary small-block V8 which was introduced with the 1955 model in 265 cubic inch (4,340cc) format; for 1957 this was upped to 283 ci (4,640cc) with the famous 'fuelie' 57 featuring fuel injection that gave the milestone one horsepower per cubic inch. The small-block Chevy engine has been a huge part of American culture ever since but was finally discontinued in 2003 after a remarkable 48 year life-span, with over 100 million being built! The model was available in a plethora of trim levels and body styles, from the humble One-Fifty 2 door sedan right up to the Bel Air convertible and even though they were never a huge seller in the UK, their iconic styling has featured so often in movies, music videos, toys and games that it is familiar to pretty much anyone.
    This t-shirt is based on a US press ad from 1957 highlights the distinctive tail fin with typical period advertising copy and illustration featuring miniature people to make the car appear even bigger! It is available in sand or white, with the latter available up to 5XL.
  • Gildan Men's T Shirt Size Guide Man leaning on a wall wearing a black Rover 3500 SD1 t shirt

    Rover 3500 SD1 T Shirt

    Built at Solihull, the Rover SD1 was introduced in June 1976 initially in V8 3500 guise, with the straight six versions following in November 1977. Priced at £4750.20 (including front seat belts!), it represented good value for money compared to its executive car rivals. The car was lauded for its handsome modern styling (with more than a hint of Ferrari Daytona), versatile hatchback and strong performance. The early interiors typify the seventies with their deeply sculpted (often beige) velour seats and distinctive steering wheel and dash pod. In 1982 a major mid-life facelift coincided with production being moved to Cowley, when a 2000cc model and 2400 turbo diesel was also added to the range. 1984 saw the introduction of the 190bhp fuel injected Vitesse and range-topping Vanden Plas EFi. Sadly, as was often the case with British Leyland products, the cars were dogged by bad build quality and workforce disputes that, despite numerous improvements over its life, tarnished the SD1's reputation. This is pity because from a design point of view it had very few rivals.
    The design of this t shirt features a very early 3500, the SD1 in its purest form and pays tribute to the original launch advertising in terms of wording and typeface with a distressed style overlaid onto it. The high contrast style of the image means that it is only available in black, but the good news is that sizes go all the way up to 5XL! Read the story of the Rover SD1 here on the excellent aronline website.
  • Hoody Sizes BCFC Contrast Hoody Old Monogram Badge
    BCFC’s monogram badge with the intertwined letters was first introduced in 1971 at the same time as the ‘penguin’ home shirt (as worn by Trevor Francis, Kenny Burns, Howard Kendall, Dave Latchford and their peers) which has since become something of a seventies icon. This shirt was unchanged until the 1975/76 season when the shirt was changed slightly to have a collar and v-neck, but still featuring the monogram badge. For the following season the badge was replaced by the familiar ‘globe’ design that is still used to the present day – this design was actually the result of a competition to design a new crest in local paper, The Sports Argus, in 1972, although it didn’t appear on the shirts until 1976. The monogram badge did make a brief reappearance in the 2016/17 season to commemorate the club’s 140th anniversary.
    This hoody features a distressed style monogram badge for that retro look and is only available in blue with contrasting white hood lining and drawstrings giving a very distinctive look.
  • Leyland Princess Ultra Violet Hoody Leyland Princess Hot Chocolate Hoody
    The British Leyland Princess was introduced in March 1975 as the '18/22 Series' with Austin, Morris and luxury Wolseley versions. The badge-engineering was dropped in September the same year, when all models became simply the 'Princess' The car was launched to critical acclaim and had a very distinctive 'wedge' shape designed by Harris Mann which divided opinion. The package was surprisingly roomy, comfortable and quite technologically sophisticated with front wheel drive and Hydragas suspension. Sadly, in common with many BL products of the time, the Princess gained an unwelcome reputation for unreliability that it struggled to shake off throughout its 6 year life span.
    Looking back over 40 years later the styling is still certainly the Princess' most distinctive feature and in many ways now epitomises mid Seventies car styling. This is also true of the colours with browns and beiges being a popular choice for both interior and exterior.
    The hoody design has a retro feel too and features a brown HLS model with the obligatory vinyl quarter panels, with a slightly distressed look to add to the vintage feel. We've even added some distinctly 70s colour choices for the t-shirts!
  • Mini Cooper hand drawn illustration Man in pub wearing cardinal red Mini Cooper t shirt
    This Mini Cooper T Shirt celebrates the classic Mini which was introduced in 1959 and soon became a truly iconic piece of British popular culture that is still recognised the world over. Alec Issigonis’ masterpiece had a price tag of just £497 and from the outset the Mini offered good economy, lots of space for its size and incredible handling. The latter was not truly exploited until the arrival of the famous Mini Cooper in 1961 and Cooper S in 1963. Equipped with a tuned version of the A series engine and front disc brakes, the Coopers enjoyed Monte Carlo Rally success and were immortalised on screen in ‘The Italian Job’ in 1969.
    The Mini was so well-loved that it found around 6 million buyers and remained in production for over 40 years – in time to see in the new millenium. In fact, it actually outlived the Austin Metro that was supposed to replace it back in 1980! The car featured on this t-shirt is the final version with those striking Cooper bonnet stripes, wide arches and 4 spot lights, in many ways the archetypal Mini Cooper. It is a two colour print, with highlights on the bodywork represented by a white tint which allows the colour of the shirt to show through. You can read the full history of the Mini at the excellent Aronline website. Personalisation The number plate area can be personalised with a registration, name or message for that extra personal touch. It will appear in a black UK numberplate typeface. If no personalisation is chosen the number plate will be white.
  • The Triumph Dolomite range was introduced in 1972 as a luxurious, well-equipped sporting saloon aimed at the emerging compact executive market. The Sprint version that followed in 1973 was conceived in order to remedy the gap in performance between the Dolomite 1850 and competitors such as the BMW 2002. The Sprint’s cylinder head was revolutionary for a mass produced car, featuring a multi-valve arrangement with all 16 of them operated by a single overhead camshaft. This clever design gave the car a 0-60 time of just 8.4 seconds and a maximum speed of 119 mph, very impressive for the early Seventies. The car also had alloy wheels as standard; a first for a British production car. All of this came at a launch cost of just £1,740, which compared very favourably with its other sporting rivals. The mouse mat itself is based on one of the original press ads and shows a Dolomite Sprint in the launch colour of Mimosa Yellow with black vinyl roof. The period correct typeface is used.
    Read more about the Triumph Dolomite and Sprint range here on the excellent aronline website.
  • The 'coke bottle' Cortina Mk3 was introduced in October 1970 replacing the more boxy Mk2 and bringing with it a swoopy new design language inspired by the products of its US parents. Engines ranged from the 1300 'Kent' cross-flow up to the 2 litre 'Pinto' overhead cam unit and five trim levels were available from base up to the twin headlight GXL. This gave the car a plethora of body, trim and price point options that helped the Cortina (in Mk3 and Mk4 guise) become the best-selling car of the 70s. The car on this mouse mat is possibly the Mk3 in its purest form, a 2 door 2000GT with the iconic four headlamp grille, Rostyle wheels and high back seats (in black vinyl, of course). The wording and type style is taken from an original press ad advertising the forthcoming 1970 Motor Show at Earls Court.